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Orion’s “The Weighing Machine” Podcast – Navigating Volatility in the Interest Rate Markets with Merganser’s Andy Smock

Navigating Volatility in the Interest Rate Markets with Merganser Capital Management’s Andy Smock

Air Date: December 5, 2023

On  “The Weighing Machine” podcast, featuring Orion Chief Investment Officer Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, BFA, Orion cuts through the market clamor and focus on time-tested principles that help financial advisors and investors reach their long-term financial goals. Each podcast reviews weekly commentary by Orion’s investment team and features a special guest to discuss market headlines. Orion Portfolio Solutions, LLC, an Orion Company, is a registered investment advisor.

Current economic conditions, marked by fluctuating interest rates and potential recessions, have sparked many investors to re-evaluate their investment strategies. By diligently monitoring trends and strategically adjusting asset allocations, investors can position themselves to not only weather the challenges but also capitalize on opportunities that arise from the ups and downs of the interest rate market.

In this episode, Rusty and Robyn talk with Andy Smock, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal at Merganser Capital Management. With extensive experience in the fixed-income market, Andy talks about fixed income and fluctuations in the interest rate market. He discusses the reasons behind the large swings in interest rates and the trends within fixed income, including shifting demands from investors. Andy also shares his macro perspective on inflation and the potential for a recession and provides insights on the status of regional banks and the commercial real estate market.

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