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Formed in 1985, Merganser Capital Management is an SEC registered investment advisor focused on the fixed income needs of institutional clients.

As fundamental investors we endeavor to understand the intricacies of fixed income vehicles in order to identify the securities and sectors that provide the most attractive risk/reward characteristics. Succeeding in this endeavor has allowed us to meet the needs and objectives of our clients and gain their trust. Capital preservation, liquidity and total return permeate all of our decisions.


Consumer confidence, which drives consumer spending (70% of the US GDP), continues to be stimulated by lower gasoline prices and a positive job market. Oil remained below $50 a barrel for most of the... <more>

For most of the last two years, fixed income investors have strived to understand a future with higher interest rates. Or more accurately, to understand the journey to higher rates. For many, the seemingly endless quest to stress test their portfolio holdings under various rising rate assumptions, so called "scenario analysis," has stirred debate about their own future... <more>

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